El Seano (elsean) wrote in cleansation,
El Seano

Oh no.

I came across a whole crap load of old drawings I did in MS Paint. Prepare to be subjected to the terror that is my unreasonable infatuation with the most obsolete graphics tool available.

Public Service Announcement.Drawn for an Ex.  Further evidence of an unhealthy liking of ducks.
I really suck at coloring.  Really.  So I didn't color it.  If you want to, you're more than welcome to do so.God is such a picky fucking eater.
This one is just kind of scary.  I haven't drawn any anthropomorphic furry duck porn... yet.I love sushi.  Particularly when it attacks Pearl Harbor.

Read my alt tags for a more *ahem* thorough understanding of my ridiculous hobby.
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ba ha, very nice. You should make more comics out of these.

(also, alternate text is an attribute, not a tag)
Thank ye.

(Noted, appreciated)
cool. i really like the simple colours

I'd ask if I could friend you, but alas, I already have, friend.
and by simple colours, i mean the fact that you used only black.

except for the really cool textured one where you used lots of colours.

(this is why i never critique anything, i make an ass out of myself)