The David Experience (theangstyteen) wrote in cleansation,
The David Experience

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#1 Self-Portrait

It's based on a picture I took about two years ago. It's based on that and my imagination.

#2 Industry

MS Paint-based social commentary?

#3 And finally...


Is this community even still alive?
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No, it isn't....?
Do we even vote in here?
If we do, I say yes.
i posted a few weeks ago...are the original members still around? if not, who's up for bringing this mother back from the dead? w00t?
Let's do it!

...But how, is the question. This is my first LJ community experience. seems like people just posted crap they made in MS paint and everyone was accepted. haha. that's fine by me. i think anyone who draws in MS paint has to be a laid back kind of person. maybe we can have themes and stuff?
I'm for everything you just said. I'm just confused about the situation with moderators.
i think your perspectives a great. you've got talent for comics.
Well, my thanks to you.